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Every now and then we meet people who can't be easily defined. People we can't easily put in a box with a single label on it.

So multi-layered and unique that they can't hide.
Meet Roddie Mira.

An actively creating alum of the university of popular music & music business, who, for the first half of his life, wanted nothing more than to play the All England Lawn Tennis Championships and win.
The whole journey and why it didn't come to that would certainly fill a whole book but still: Up until this point, it's been quite an interesting whirlwind of a ride.

Blessed with multiple talents that allowed for many a paths to be considered, Roddie Mira has always been eager to explore the art in his passions.  
From opening for the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, independent releases, lending his voice to TV Ads and Voice-Overs, writing, producing and mixing for other aspiring artists, to touring Europe, U.K. & Russia as a performer and educator.

When it comes to it, he is always somewhere in the mix and more often than not, he's the missing link.

After having lectured at his old varsity for more than a decade, Roddie Mira decided to return to the Game of Tennis. As a coach to pass on the experience of a former national tennis prospect and to impart elegant fundamentals and finesse, as they were taught to him.

What does the future hold?
Always a mix of music and the game of tennis.

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